What is a Carer ID Card  
…and how do I apply?  

Proves you’re a Carer when you are out and about

Records your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact details 

Access to Carer offers and discounts

Comes as a physical card and digital download for your phone

Digital Card

Verify you’re an Unpaid Carer

The Carer ID Card is the easiest way to Verify you’re an Unpaid Carer when out & about 

When you are asked for proof that you are a verified Carer. 

In healthcare settings to be included in the conversation around medical planning for the person you care for.

With an employer to be recognised as a working Carer and request additional support due to your caring role. 

If you have an emergency, others will know you’re a Carer and be able to contact your nominated person

Are you a professional supporting a Carer to apply for a Carer ID Card?  

Discover our Wellbeing Directory

Your Carer ID Card also gives you access to national offers exclusively available for Carer ID Card Holders via our Wellbeing Directory. Over time, we’ll be working with local organisations to bring local offers to your area too. You can also access a wide range of online offers through our affiliate partnership, Discount for Carers.

Are you a business in Wiltshire wanting to provide an offer/ discount to Carers?

Show your community you care about Carers and offer a discount or special offer to Carer ID Card holders; and unlock the benefits of attracting thousands of Carers in the UK who are in an unpaid caring role. By registering your offer, you will become a member of the Carer Friendly Community for FREE, joining national businesses and providers who benefit from being Carer Friendly.

Carers – do you have a favourite business that you’d like to nominate to offer a discount/ offer? Drop us an email and we will contact them to see if they’d like to join our Carer Friendly community.