Forward Carers is excited to provide a dedicated website for Adult Carers and Young Carers aged 10 to 18 years old, plus access to our FREE Carers ID Card that holds emergency contact details!

We are an award-winning not-for-profit Community Interest Company and have been empowering unpaid Carers across England to live fulfilling lives since 2014. Our mission is to create Carer Friendly Communities, places where everyone plays a role in supporting Carers and Carers feel understood and valued by the whole community. Carers are at the heart of everything we do, including being a Carer friendly Employer, with many members of our team being unpaid Carers alongside their paid work with us.

We plan to improve the wellbeing of thousands of Carers by implementing our “Carer Friendly Wiltshire” programme through online support. Our experience has taught us that online support can be particularly helpful for Carers, who are juggling family life, have limited ability to leave home, shielding care responsibilities and working unpaid Carers.

Ever found yourself on the internet at all times of day and night researching or looking for support? We will also be working with your library’s, Carers support services and digital inclusion volunteers to ensure all Carers, including those who may need support with the digital world, get access to our support and Carer ID Cards.

Our website will include:

We will help you to get to know us! Our online “Discovery Sessions” will tell you all about our services – so you can get the most out of them, offer information around Carers Rights so you are well informed, as well as themed events as requested by you.

All this and more, as we learn from the valuable local knowledge and ideas of Carers in Wiltshire, and work with all the Services and partners in our mutual aim for a Carer Friendly Wiltshire.

Adult Carers

If you are aged 18 and above, complete our Self-Assessment Form to access Carers Together support, request a Carer’s Assessment and get your Carers ID Card. Get help today.

Young Carers
If you are aged 10 to 18 years old, complete our Self-Assessment Form to access the Integrated Front Door Service for a Young Carer’s Assessment and get your Carers ID Card. Get help today.

Join our Carer Friendly Community 

By completing the relevant form above, you will automatically be signed up to our Carer Friendly Community so that you can access our private Facebook Carer Group, receive regular emails as well as, accessing our toolkits and guides about your caring role.

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There are millions of Carers in the UK on low or no pay, with many of them missing out on vital help in the form of Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Credit.

Did you know that the amount of Carer’s Allowance you’re able to receive has just increased by 6.7%? This means, if you’re already receiving Carer’s Allowance, it will automatically go from £76.75 a week up to £81.90 – a £267 increase for the year.

If you’re aged 16+, earning less than £139 a week (after tax), and providing 35+ hours of weekly care for someone who needs daily living help and is claiming certain benefits, you may be able to claim Carer’s Allowance.

More than seven million UK households could be missing out on benefits like council tax discounts, according to analysis from online benefits calculator Entitledto. Benefits and other government support are not just for those who are out of work. Millions of households on low incomes are also losing out.

Many benefits and discounts aren’t granted automatically; depending on what you’re eligible for, you’ll need to apply to your local council or HMRC. Don’t miss out on money that you are entitled to. The cost-of-living crisis is affecting most of the country especially if you are unable to work because you or a family member has a disability or long-term illness. Ensuring that you check that you are receiving all the state benefits that you are entitled to is a must.

Carers in Wiltshire

If you’re caring for someone in Wiltshire, you can access our Benefits Calculator to see what you may be entitled to. You can also register for a Carers ID Card, access online support groups and self-refer for help from local services.

Use our free and confidential ‘entitledto’ Benefits Calculator to find out what benefits you may be entitled to. You can return to your results later – just take a note of your reference code. Our Benefits Calculator will provide comprehensive welfare entitlement information, relevant to your situation.

It will be helpful to have various documents to hand (and for your partner if you have one) as follows, income details as well as the income of others living with you, rent/mortgage payments, your annual council tax bill as well as any savings/investments/capital you may have.

Check here to see what State Benefits you are entitled to.

To register for a Carers ID Card, access online support groups and self-refer for help from local services, simply complete this form if you are aged over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you can access the same support, but you will need to complete a different form here.